(New) Best Year Ever!


(feel free to download and print this free printable from Alligator Food Design)

New Year, New You!

So many things happened this year! I worked hard to create an image for myself and in the process I achieved some of my biggest dreams! This new year is going to be all about adding fuel to the fire, believing in myself and marketing both my new business (Alligator Food Design) and my blog. 2015 can and will be even better than 2014. Don’t stop, get it, get it!

My goals for 2015:

1) Ride my horse at least three times a week

2) Blog at least three times a week

3) Create at least two new Alligator Food Design products each month

4) Cook at least one new recipe each month

5) Really clean out my closet

6) Go on a trip with a friend (who isn’t my boyfriend)

7) Visit at least two grad school programs

8) Create a more cohesive and inspiring instagram

9) Live a Pinterest worthy life


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