Prints Charming (Modcloth edition)

My first real love of clothing came from my fascination with vintage dresses. When I was in Junior High a shop called Grey Dog (your new favorite shop) opened up in an Airstream Trailer in my hometown.  I immediately was hooked, and soon began rummaging through the closets of my relatives. Vintage clothing allowed to me wear something more unique than what you could fine at your local shopping mall and gave me the confidence to experiment with new styles and trends. However, when I can’t find exactly what I am looking for and I need something modern yet still super unique, I immediately turn to Modcloth!  I am obsessed with fun prints, and Modcloth does a great job of selecting flattering and easy to wear styles. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently on the website. Leave a comment below and let me know which ones you would love to wear!

Simple Animal Prints

When first trying out prints, I found it helpful to stick with small, repetitive patterns and a pretty neutral color palette. If you usually don’t wear prints, don’t think that you have to dive head first into the deep end in order to succeed. Start with a flattering silhouette, a pretty, yet simple, pattern and build from there. These four “Animal Print” dresses are the perfect example of my go-to style of dresses!

I Canter Be Tamed ($42)
Star Studded Performance Dress in Deer ($100)
Deal Me In Dress in Carousel ($90)
Heartwarming Habitat Dress ($90)

 Classic and Vintage Inspired

If you’re the kind of person who frequently shops at Modcloth, I imagine you appreciate their vintage style as much as I do! If thats the case, these four dresses are for you! Their classic and eloquent prints are perfectly complimented by their vintage silhouettes (I mean just check out those necklines). Although the prints are a little more complex than the previous four, the simple color palettes allow for easy everyday styling!

Cottage Bound Dress ($100)
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry by Miss Patina - Multi, Floral, Peter Pan Collar, Work, 60s, Mod, Shift, Short Sleeves, International Designer, Mid-length, Vintage Inspired
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry ($100)
Styled Horses Dress ($50)
In the Audience Dress ($62)

Landscape/Forest Prints

Landscape prints are currently my favorite trend! The winter season brought a huge amount of life into these bold and beautiful fabrics and they began to pop up all over Pinterest in an abundance of styles, including maxi-skirts, blouses and dresses. I have been patiently waiting for an event to justify myself spending the money on one of these gorgeous styles. If you have a winter holiday party coming up do me a favor and PLEASE wear one of these lovelies!

On Treetop of the World Dress ($80)
Sights to Season Dress ($95)
Saturday Night Thrive Dress ($78)
Never Never Landscape Dress - Blue, Multi, Novelty Print, Casual, Quirky, A-line, Short Sleeves, Woven, Mid-length, Work
Never Never Landscape Dress ($165)

Just for Fun!

I’m a photographer… of course I need this dress (so sad it is sold out in my size)!

Poise and Click Dress ($50)

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