Let’s Get Weird! – Easy and Quick DIY Banner

In case you haven’t been on Pinterest recently, word banners are everywhere. They are fun, funky and super easy to customize so of course I am obsessed! So instead of spending my entire Sunday watching The Office on Netflix, I decided to throw together this quick DIY for you all! It’s quick, super easy to customize and did I mention it costs around $15 to make? So basically… It’s perfect!

What You’ll Need:


Paper (I got this package from Walmart for $5, but if you’re really adventurous hit up the Hobby Lobby)

A ruler



Pen or Pencil

Paperclips, glue or a hole-punch (this all depends on how you want to attach the letters to the string)

Step 1:


Since I wanted all of my letters to be made of different pieces of paper, I started my project with a little planning. To make sure I would like the final layout, I selected the papers I would use and arranged them in order on the floor to see how they would look together.

Step 2:

After I was happy with the design, I began to draw my letters. Since I enjoy a more eclectic aesthetic, I simply decided how tall I wanted my letters (mine are 7in) and then drew them freehanded.

Step 3:


After I had drawn my letters, I cut them out with scissors. Easy as that.

Step 4:


The hardest part of this DIY is deciding how to attach the letters to the string. I decide to use these adorable mini-paperclips (around $3 from Walmart), because I liked the idea of being able to easily change what my banner says. However, if you are looking for a more permanent product, you can simply hole punch the letters (make sure to put two holes in each letter so the letters lay flat) and thread the string through. Another option is to use paperclips, but use a small amount of superglue for reinforcement.

The Final Product:



There you go! In about 30 minutes I had a perfect banner, designed exactly how I wanted! I love it and can’t wait to make a few more for around my home!


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