Spring 2015 Trend Report… Top 5 Trends from Fashion Week

Those of you who know me, know my obsession for the 1970s including everything from history, literature, style and music! This year fashion week took a slight trip to the past and brought back my favorite decade. The most exciting thing was seeing a turn from the clichè boho/hippie look that controls pinterest to more causal, tailored and almost glam looks. And of course how can you forget Tommy Hilfiger’s Rock and Roll themed runway show? (If you missed it see Style.com’s review/slideshow here.) I could go on and on about every collection (since I have viewed them all about 20 times now), but enough with the chatter.

Here are the Spring 2015 trends I am most excited for:


I have approximately 100 different pictures saved on my computer and narrowing the looks down to just my favorites was next to impossible. Suede was everywhere during fashion week, we’re talking coats, dresses, skirts, even some coordinates, and it came in an array of different colors. Of course, there was plenty of the classic 70s camel but I was more excited to see some variations to the classic colors, especially the Chloè pastels. Unfortunately I am still waiting for Tanya Katysheva to strut right off that runway, into my living room, and bring me that Gucci coat.

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Of course we couldn’t have suede without at least a little bit of fringe and, just like it’s partner in crime, this trend showed up in a variety of ways. Although some looks didn’t quite take portion control into consideration (specifically in the Alberta Feretti show, but raise your hand if, like me, you totally want to rock her floor length fringe), others used a smaller, more sophisticated amount. Regardless, the good news is I will definitely be showing off my vintage suede fringe vest this spring. Hallelujah!

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Obviously, I can’t even talk about sheer fabrics without mentioning the Valentino Collection, but since I could go on for hours about how beautiful the embroidery was it’s probably best just to give you the link to the entire show. However, Valentino wasn’t the only one showcasing both sheer fabrics, eyelets and even some die-cuts and the styles went from super elegant to street-style edgy. Click through the slideshow below to view my favorites. I’ll try to limit the Valentino images… maybe.

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It’s spring! Obviously the runway was full of white, but can we all admit that we totally think the designers amped up these styles just a little? In a season that was ruled by “Winter Whites,” these looks had to be a little more exciting than usual to catch our eye. This kind of brings me back to my last category, but since there were so many looks I love, I decided to give the trend it’s own slideshow. (PS: I did not include any of the Rick Owens’ models covered in white paint)

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At last! A spring yellow, that isn’t mustard, and might actually be wearable! Lemon Yellow popped up in a number of collections this spring, but was the star of the Michael Kors’ show, along with its classic partner, navy. (Kors real talk: What do I have to do to get my hands on that floral skirt?) This color makes me a nostalgic for a preppy little raincoat and I can’t wait to grab some for my closet. However, I was a little disappointed Rubber Ducky Yellow wasn’t a 2015 Pantone color.

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 Honorable Mentions:

I still have a stack of trends I am obsessing over and I would love to chat more with you all about them! But for time’s sake, here are my honorable mentions, including bold florals, dresses with high necklines, flared pants and more, denim, leather and more.

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