Weather or Not – A Layered Look for Spring

It has been a sunny 65 degrees here in the Natural State, and it has given me a little bit of hope that spring is coming. Yet, as much as I am loving this weather, it has sent my wardrobe for a loop. Since it has been getting back down into the 30s and 40s after the sun sets, I have had to find outfits that aren’t too hot during the day, but warm enough for night. This is where layering has really saved my butt.

Today I went for a classic mix of patterns (if you want, you can glance back at my Pattern Play post for some more inspiration) for my daytime look. This striped tee goes perfectly with these floral shorts, because of the difference in the weight of the prints. I also purchased these shorts with a coordinating blazer, which can be thrown on at night for a little warmth. Whenever I buy coordinates, I always make sure that I can wear the items separately as well. This gives me TRIPLE the use out of my purchase, by allowing me to create at least three unique outfits from one buy. (You can see the blazer paired with a classic denim outfit here). See, perfect!

Hopefully, this warm weather stays, but if we have a sudden change for the worst, this outfit is ready to brave the cold!

floral+stripes-1 floral+stripes-3 floral+stripes-5 floral+stripes-7 floral+stripes-6 floral+stripes-8 floral+stripes-10 floral+stripes-9floral+stripes-11floral+stripes-13

(All photos by Laurence Tan Photography)

Blazer: Missguided,  Skort: Missguided (on sale!), Top: RIffraff (similar or restock wait-list), Wallet: Hobo (old, same style), Shoes: Modcloth


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