Bee mine, Valentine

First off, I’ll admit that I have never really been one of those girls who loved Valentine’s Day, but there is something about lace and tulle that makes my heart skip a beat. Throw in the fact that my boyfriend was home for the first time all semester and I am all for the candy hearts and pink cupcakes, so why not celebrate that? The last three years haven’t been perfect. Far from it actually. Dating long distance is hard, it’s sad and basically, it sucks. However, this guy proves to me (almost) everyday that it’s worth it. Dominic is stubborn, sassy and sometimes a huge pain in the ass, but he is also one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever met. He is there through thick and thin and most importantly, he always keeps me laughing. We make it work, cause like Dom says: “If you’re lucky enough to find someone who puts up with all of your shit, you stick with them.”

So here’s to balloons, cupcakes, tulle skirts and love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope this post wasn’t too hard for you all to read!

tulle+stripes+valentines-13 tulle+stripes+valentines-18 tulle+stripes+valentines-19 tulle+stripes+valentines-20 tulle+stripes+valentines-22 tulle+stripes+valentines-23 tulle+stripes+valentines-24

All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Skirt: Asos (on sale!), Top: Chicwish, Shoes: Unknown (blue here, similar here), Bracelet: Banana Republic (on sale!), Clutch: Mason’s (old, similar here), Sunglasses: Grey Dog


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