Spring Has Sprung… A Vintage Spring Break Look

Hey y’all! I know it has been forever since I have posted an outfit of the day, but things have been crazy around here! Not only have I been super busy with class and work and life in general, but it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining in weeks! However, today marks the third day of spring break and it is sunny with temperatures in the 70s! Dominic and I are headed to Kansas City for a few days of much needed vacation and I am feeling roadtrip ready in this head-to-toe vintage outfit, featuring the most amazing pair of shorts ever! I mean, come on, not only are they vintage Levi’s but they have horses on them and are perfect for pattern mixing. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits to date, so check it out below!

floral-16 floral-17 floral-18 floral-20 floral-22

All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

70s floral shirt and vintage Levi’s: Grey Dog Boutique


Spring Getaway – Five Different Outfits with Five Must-Have Spring Basics

Glory hallelujah! Spring break is here! Well, not quite, but since I only have class separating me from that sweet week of relaxation, I can’t get spring out of my mind. Today, I am talking about my top five closet must haves (all under $50!) and showing you all five different outfit combinations. Of course, there are many more ways to wear, especially if you like to get creative with your closet! Basics are a great way to get your closet rolling into a new season without having to break the bank. Since they tend to go with everything (hence the term “basic”) you can create several different outfits using only one piece. This allows you to save up for those more unique (and possibly more expensive) items that might not be quite as easy to wear!

PS: If you’re traveling over spring break, basics are another great way to get you through your trip without having to check too many bags!

 Outfit One

Outfit 1

I live in these American Apparel leotards all summer! I, personally, have three different colors and sleeve lengths. They are perfect for layering that that open back is to die for! If you love showing off some skin, while still keeping it classy, you need to get one of these immediately. In this outfit, I have paired the leotard with another one of my spring basics, the scalloped short! Universally flattering, a scalloped edge short is a classic silhouette that looks super professional (as long as you keep them at an appropriate length) but doesn’t compromise on interest. Basically, it’s like taking your favorite pair of linen shorts and adding just a hint of spice.

Outfit Two

 outfit 2

First off, you can’t go wrong with a pleated skirt! When choosing a “basic” item, you don’t have to always stray away from prints. Simple and small patterns like polka-dots and stripes, especially in black and white, can go with anything! If you are a master pattern mixer, try a funky monochromatic floral or animal print! Patterned basics, like this skirt, are my go-to item this spring!

Outfit Three


This outfit is an absolute dream! When I found this dress on Forever 21 for only $25, I knew I had to have it. This little denim dress is a blank-canvas for layering! I went “french girl” chic by layering my leotard under the dress. This adds a little hint of pattern, and also is perfect for those chillier spring days! Throw on a pair of white sneakers and a cute hat and you’re ready for a perfect day out!

Outfit Four

 Outfit 4

Since the last outfit layered UNDER the dress, I just had to throw this super chic sweater over our basic denim dress! A lightweight sweater is a life-saver in the spring, especially in the south, as those rainy days can get rather cold. Also, if you get too warm you can always rock your sweater 90s style and tie it around your waist as an interesting accessory!

Outfit Five

Outfit 5

Personally, I will never stop singing the praises of the graphic sweater! A simple graphic sweater is the definition of a must-have basic. It looks amazing paired with a pattern (as seen in outfit two), but it also can act as the focal part of your look. With a graphic sweater, you will never feel sloppy or under-dressed. Pair it with denim shorts or go for a more “up-town” look by pairing it with some linen shorts and heels. This will be one purchase you won’t regret!

Spring Chic

We’ll y’all, looks like our snow might finally be gone (at least for a little while). Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but all of this snow and ice has been rather annoying recently. Although I did enjoy my days out of class, sometimes a girl just needs some sunshine. Today’s look is an homage to springtime. I am secretly hoping that my bright teal (sweater)dress, my favorite floppy sunhat and some adorable cut-out sandals will attract some warmer weather. However, I have added a comfy cream cardigan, just incase I get a little chilly on my commute across campus. I am loving this warm, but bright, outfit and it definitely has me dreaming of spring!

teal-dress-1 teal-dress-3 teal-dress-8 teal-dress-2 teal-dress-9


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Cardigan: Old, Dress: Grey Dog, Bag: Grey Dog, old, Shoes: Mason’s (available here), Hat: Target

Not So Snowy Snowday

Everything around here is closed down, which seems a little premature to me, as we have yet to get any actual winter weather, but I mean who is really complaining? Anyway, I am really excited about today’s outfit, because it features a really special brand. As you all know, I love socks, especially funky patterned socks. So imagine my excitement when Sammy Icon contacted me asking to do a partnership with Bee+You. Sammy Icon is a Ukrainian company specializing in colorful socks and mens underwear. I was honestly a little surprised when they contacted me, but they loved my looks and were really interested in having me promote their product. I talked with their customer-service department (they are seriously so nice and helpful) and a month later, I have three amazing and super comfy pairs of socks to share with you all! When choosing my socks from their website, I didn’t let color or pattern scare me. I decided to just go with my gut and let the styling fall into place later. When I opened the package for this pink, purple, blue and green pair, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. However, I chose this opportunity to try-out the whole socks and heels trend and I LOVE the way the pink peeps through the cut outs on these black heels. I then decided on my favorite velvet baby-doll dress, which is perfectly complimentary to the bright green on the socks, and a leather jacket for warmth. I kept it simple with my accessories, allowing the socks to be the main focal-point of the look. In the end, I have a pretty casual look with the perfect amount of flair! Oh and I can’t wait to cuddle up in my new socks on this rainy snow-day.

sammy-icon-13 sammy-icon-12 sammy-icon-10 sammy-icon-14 sammy-icon-15


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Jacket: Dillard’s (old), Dress: Riffraff, Necklace: The Wanderlust, Shoes: Riffraff (old), Socks: Sammy Icon (similar)

A Formal Affair

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! It’s a particularly happy one for me, because I am in Conway a day early visiting Dom (kids, don’t skip class)! Anyway, I am down here because this weekend is Winter Formal! Winter formal is my absolute favorite because it gives me an excuse to buy a new dress and then party with my friends, which are my two favorite things. This year, finding the perfect dress was a little challenging, especially because it is supposed to rain/sleet/snow all day today and into tomorrow. After months, and I do mean months, of searching I finally found the perfect long sleeved dress. Fashion tip: Tim Gunn once told me (and by me I mean thousands of prime time television viewers) that if you have long sleeves your dress can be as short as you like, and I definitely take this to heart. I decided to go with something asymmetrical, because I am all about that these days, I mean look at my hair. The dress came in two colors, but I settled on classic black, because I love the way the dress sparkles without being full out sequins. I added a pop of gold accessories, including this stunning necklace to draw the eyes up and balance out the deep v-neck and to match the gold studs on my favorite heels. Putting the whole look together made me so excited for tomorrow! I’ve been waiting months for this event and I can’t wait to dance my ass off!

heartsocks-1 heartsocks-6 heartsocks-8 heartsocks-11 heartsocks-14 heartsocks-15 heartsocks-21 heartsocks-17 heartsocks-20 heartsocks-24


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Dress: Urban Outfitters (on sale!), Necklace: E. Leigh’s (available in-store), Shoe: Nicole (old)

Snow Daze

We have had a particularly warm winter here in Arkansas. Most of January and February has consisted of short-sleeves and Saturday’s spent outside with friends, rather than bundled up by the fire with a book. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have loved this warmer weather, but I have also been waiting for snow. It’s weird not having any snow, I mean usually January and February are full of icy roads and snow days, but we hadn’t had a single inch of snow until Sunday. It was magical, waking up Monday morning to snow on the ground and no school. So, in celebration, I broke out the snow day outfit I have had picked out for months and we ventured out on a hike into the woods for some pictures. Not exactly the warmest get up, but it was perfect for our snowy adventure!

heartsocks-3 heartsocks-7 heartsocks-8 heartsocks-10 heartsocks-12 heartsocks-14 heartsocks-15 heartsocks-17 heartsocks-20 heartsocks-21


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography


Dress: Ruche (old, similar), Coat: Riffraff (on sale!), Purse: Target (old, similar), Shoes: Maude (available in-store)

It’s Friday, I’m in Love! A sunny southwestern look perfect for the weekend!

First off, TGIF! It’s finally Friday, and a very special one at that! Today, the boyfriend is coming home for the first time this semester, which I know has only just started, but it feels like forever since he has been here. And of course, we have next to nothing to do this weekend, so we are going to spend this wonderful Friday evening watching bad horror movies and eating bags on bags of popcorn. Honestly, I can’t wait. Dom, horror movies and popcorn are like my three favorite things, so I have absolutely no complaints. So in celebration of this happy happy weekend and the warmer weather (seriously, it was snowing like two days ago and now its warm), I am posting a third outfit this week! Yay! Oh and even better news, this adorable dress is back in stock at shopriffraff.com so you can snag one for yourself!

Next week is going to be super duper adorable, I mean come on it is Valentine’s Day next Saturday, were you expecting anything less? So enjoy today’s post, relax this weekend and prepare yourself for the week to come! Happy Fri-YAY y’all!

aztec+poncho+blue+dress-4 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-2 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-3 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-7 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-13 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-10 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-8


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Dress: Riffraff, Sweater, Shoes and Necklace: Riffraff (old), Hat: Target

Hold Your Horses… Another Look for Winter

Well y’all, its official, Mr. Groundhog has declared six more weeks of winter. Six more weeks of cold mornings and even colder nights. However, don’t fret too much, that just leaves six more weeks for you all to get the most out of your winter whites. So today, I am showing this winter weather who’s boss and breaking out the prettiest white dress in my closet, a blue ring that reminds me of spring and even a pair strappy heels. My toes might be a little frozen and it looks like it’s time for another pedicure, but the sun is shining and I don’t even care. So come on winter, you’ve got six more weeks, lets make it the best six weeks yet!

Januaryblog-17 Januaryblog-18 Januaryblog-21

All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Dress: Chicwish, Shoes: Nicole, Ring: Mason’s (available in-store)


Prints Charming (Modcloth edition)

My first real love of clothing came from my fascination with vintage dresses. When I was in Junior High a shop called Grey Dog (your new favorite shop) opened up in an Airstream Trailer in my hometown.  I immediately was hooked, and soon began rummaging through the closets of my relatives. Vintage clothing allowed to me wear something more unique than what you could fine at your local shopping mall and gave me the confidence to experiment with new styles and trends. However, when I can’t find exactly what I am looking for and I need something modern yet still super unique, I immediately turn to Modcloth!  I am obsessed with fun prints, and Modcloth does a great job of selecting flattering and easy to wear styles. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently on the website. Leave a comment below and let me know which ones you would love to wear!

Simple Animal Prints

When first trying out prints, I found it helpful to stick with small, repetitive patterns and a pretty neutral color palette. If you usually don’t wear prints, don’t think that you have to dive head first into the deep end in order to succeed. Start with a flattering silhouette, a pretty, yet simple, pattern and build from there. These four “Animal Print” dresses are the perfect example of my go-to style of dresses!

I Canter Be Tamed ($42)
Star Studded Performance Dress in Deer ($100)
Deal Me In Dress in Carousel ($90)
Heartwarming Habitat Dress ($90)

 Classic and Vintage Inspired

If you’re the kind of person who frequently shops at Modcloth, I imagine you appreciate their vintage style as much as I do! If thats the case, these four dresses are for you! Their classic and eloquent prints are perfectly complimented by their vintage silhouettes (I mean just check out those necklines). Although the prints are a little more complex than the previous four, the simple color palettes allow for easy everyday styling!

Cottage Bound Dress ($100)
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry by Miss Patina - Multi, Floral, Peter Pan Collar, Work, 60s, Mod, Shift, Short Sleeves, International Designer, Mid-length, Vintage Inspired
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry ($100)
Styled Horses Dress ($50)
In the Audience Dress ($62)

Landscape/Forest Prints

Landscape prints are currently my favorite trend! The winter season brought a huge amount of life into these bold and beautiful fabrics and they began to pop up all over Pinterest in an abundance of styles, including maxi-skirts, blouses and dresses. I have been patiently waiting for an event to justify myself spending the money on one of these gorgeous styles. If you have a winter holiday party coming up do me a favor and PLEASE wear one of these lovelies!

On Treetop of the World Dress ($80)
Sights to Season Dress ($95)
Saturday Night Thrive Dress ($78)
Never Never Landscape Dress - Blue, Multi, Novelty Print, Casual, Quirky, A-line, Short Sleeves, Woven, Mid-length, Work
Never Never Landscape Dress ($165)

Just for Fun!

I’m a photographer… of course I need this dress (so sad it is sold out in my size)!

Poise and Click Dress ($50)

Dresses for Days

I love fall and I love fall dresses even more! I love the feeling of breaking out a fall dress at the end of a long summer. Cycling my closet through the seasons is an easy way to keep my looks fresh without breaking the bank. However I still find myself longing for new items every time the season changes. Here are six dresses I am currently crushing on!



1) I love a good t-shirt dress! It is super comfy and easy to style.  I love being able to throw it on for a day out without feeling too dressed up! This plaid Forever 21 dress (found here) is so perfect for fall and is under $25! If you are wanted to spend a little more on yourself try this dress from Urban Outfitters!

2) I am obsessed with the drop waists on these two dresses! Both of these are stunning alone and perfect for layering! I love the versatility of both of theses pieces! The Pop, Fizz, Clink Peplum Dress is the perfect fall LBD, you could seriously wear it anywhere, and is under $50! Well worth the money, considering how many times you will be able to wear it! If you love the style but want to treat yourself to something special check out this dress from Anthropologie. If you happen to snag one, make sure to grab an extra one for me (size small please)!

3) Who could survive without a fall maxi? I couldn’t! I am a sucker for boho styles and these two dresses are simply perfect! Want a little pattern in your closet? Definitely grab one of these floral maxis from Forever 21! This style is only $22 so you might as well grab two! Want something more basic? I love this dress from Free People! This dress will last you a lifetime so if you’re willing to spend the money on this gem, it will definitely pay off!