Spring Has Sprung… A Vintage Spring Break Look

Hey y’all! I know it has been forever since I have posted an outfit of the day, but things have been crazy around here! Not only have I been super busy with class and work and life in general, but it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining in weeks! However, today marks the third day of spring break and it is sunny with temperatures in the 70s! Dominic and I are headed to Kansas City for a few days of much needed vacation and I am feeling roadtrip ready in this head-to-toe vintage outfit, featuring the most amazing pair of shorts ever! I mean, come on, not only are they vintage Levi’s but they have horses on them and are perfect for pattern mixing. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits to date, so check it out below!

floral-16 floral-17 floral-18 floral-20 floral-22

All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

70s floral shirt and vintage Levi’s: Grey Dog Boutique


Alligator Food Means “I Love You”

2014 was the year of dreams for me! I started this wonderful blog, which has grown tremendously in the last few months, was in my first Art Gallery Show and most importantly, my first craft show, with my wonderful company Alligator Food Design! I grew up going to craft shows, antique shows, clothesline fairs, etc. all over the state. There was something about them that completely fascinated me. As I grew up and decided to pursue art, I knew I wanted to own a small business, but I didn’t exactly know how to start. Enter, The Little Craft Show.

In the past 5 years or so, “indie” craft shows have taken off. Now, shows are no longer for southern women and hippies, but they extend to and attract people from all walks of life. This rise in popularity, is directly correlated to the popularity of Etsy, which not only was a huge tool for makers, made handmade goods more accessible to everyday people, without requiring a major life-change on their end. Now I could go on and on about craft-shows, Etsy and even makers themselves, but for the sake of time, let’s just skip to the good stuff.

Ever since The 2014 Little Craft Show, my dream business has taken off! I am now shipping products nationwide and connecting with all kinds of people along the way! It has been a dream come true, and I am confident that one day my dream of being a full-time maker will be realized. In celebration of my little dream’s growth I am highlighting a few of my favorite items in today’s post! Scroll down for Alligator Food Design’s current calendar and a special discount code!

Need More Sleep Mug:

 Because don’t we all need at least a LITTLE more sleep?

 Vintage Volkswagen Bug Print:

This was one of my VERY first prints, made almost two years ago! It is a classic that will always be in my heart!

Moon and Further Painted Print:

This sweet little print is one of my first adventures in real digital illustration and watercolor! I love the way it turned out and I learned a lot in the process!

Buffalo Watercolor Print:

Another watercolor print, but this time I decided to break away from my comfort zone and make a print without text.

Inspirational Coffee Mug:

And last but not least, what a great way to start out your morning!

Well thanks for reading! As promised here is a coupon code for 15% off your entire purchase, valid 3/12/15 thru 3/16/15! Use code “beeplusyou” at check out!


Etsyfest hosted by Etsy Little Rock – April 25, 2015

Block Street Block Party – May 17, 2015


If you mouth “Alligator Food” it looks like you’re saying “I love you”

It’s Friday, I’m in Love! A sunny southwestern look perfect for the weekend!

First off, TGIF! It’s finally Friday, and a very special one at that! Today, the boyfriend is coming home for the first time this semester, which I know has only just started, but it feels like forever since he has been here. And of course, we have next to nothing to do this weekend, so we are going to spend this wonderful Friday evening watching bad horror movies and eating bags on bags of popcorn. Honestly, I can’t wait. Dom, horror movies and popcorn are like my three favorite things, so I have absolutely no complaints. So in celebration of this happy happy weekend and the warmer weather (seriously, it was snowing like two days ago and now its warm), I am posting a third outfit this week! Yay! Oh and even better news, this adorable dress is back in stock at shopriffraff.com so you can snag one for yourself!

Next week is going to be super duper adorable, I mean come on it is Valentine’s Day next Saturday, were you expecting anything less? So enjoy today’s post, relax this weekend and prepare yourself for the week to come! Happy Fri-YAY y’all!

aztec+poncho+blue+dress-4 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-2 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-3 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-7 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-13 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-10 aztec+poncho+blue+dress-8


All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Dress: Riffraff, Sweater, Shoes and Necklace: Riffraff (old), Hat: Target

Hold Your Horses… Another Look for Winter

Well y’all, its official, Mr. Groundhog has declared six more weeks of winter. Six more weeks of cold mornings and even colder nights. However, don’t fret too much, that just leaves six more weeks for you all to get the most out of your winter whites. So today, I am showing this winter weather who’s boss and breaking out the prettiest white dress in my closet, a blue ring that reminds me of spring and even a pair strappy heels. My toes might be a little frozen and it looks like it’s time for another pedicure, but the sun is shining and I don’t even care. So come on winter, you’ve got six more weeks, lets make it the best six weeks yet!

Januaryblog-17 Januaryblog-18 Januaryblog-21

All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Dress: Chicwish, Shoes: Nicole, Ring: Mason’s (available in-store)


Casual Contrast… A bold look for everyday wear

You know those pieces that we have stuck in the back of our closets? The ones that we couldn’t live without, but then never quite figured out how to wear? Yeah, I thought you would. Well for me, that “piece” are these amazing floral pants. I saw them when I was working at my old job and I simply had to have them. Honestly, how could anyone pass these up? However, when I got home, nothing quite worked. I tried t-shirts, tunics, stripes, basically anything I could even think of. Then I remembered this Brandy Melville Kimono I had purchased last summer before I went on vacation and then stuffed in the back of my closet. After that, this outfit basically styled itself. The high-contrast floral goes perfectly with the burgundy of the overlay, so I wore a simple silk camisole as a neutral in the colorful look. I then decided I wanted a pair of heels to add some femininity to this edgy look and these wedges worked perfectly and of course some layered necklaces, help bring a little more interest to the top of the outfit. I am loving this colorful look, especially since it proves to my boyfriend that not all impulse buys go unloved.

January-3January-6 January-9 January-11All photos by Laurence Tan Photography

Kimono: Brandy Melville (old,floral version here), Pants: Riffraff, Shoes: Unknown (blue here, similar here), Jewelry: Riffraff

5 Pairs of Printed Heels You Need for Spring

I’ve been talking about spring a lot lately, maybe it’s because the weather has finally warmed up around here or maybe it is because my Pinterest feed is full of shorts and sundresses. Whatever the reason, I am already prepping my closet for the day when I can officially say goodbye to my sweaters and break-out the sandals. There are a couple trends that I am dying to try out this spring season, one of which is the patterned heel. If you watched Nicole Miller’s Spring 2015 you were bound to have noticed these gorgeous sandals at least once:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I mean how could you not? They scream “Hello sunshine! Let’s go on vacation!” So instead of drooling over shoes that I will most-likely never own, I began my search for an affordable alternative. Here’s what I came up with:

5 Pairs of Printed Heels You Need for Spring:

The Go-To:

 New Look Wide Fit Preview Faux Ponyskin Heeled Sandals – ASOS ($66.31)

They’re leopard, they’re chunky, they’ll go with everything AND they’re under $100! Need I say more?


The Co-Worker:

Leather Pumps – H&M ($99)

A classic silhouette along with time honored print, these pumps will make every co-worker jealous. The low-contrast and muted color palette will keep your work outfit feeling fresh without compromising on professionalism. These are a must have for the corporate girl!


The Art Student:

Stella Printed Fabric Pumps – J.Crew ($268)

Okay, these are definitely a lot pricier than most items I post, but if you are in the mood to splurge, get it girl! This is the perfect shoe for spring, especially if you enjoy funkier, vintage inspired patterns like I do. The color palette means you can wear them with anything. The silhouette is beautiful. A chunkier heel means they will be comfortable during those long summer nights and they’re J. Crew. So basically, meet your dream shoe… you’re welcome.


The Day Dream:


Thrive Got Work to Do Heel – ModCloth ($144.99)

These. Shoes. Everything about them is just pretty. Definitely buy these shoes if you’re someone who frequents garden parties, spring weddings, baby showers… fairytale castles. Or just buy them. You won’t regret it. Just imagine how they will look with all of those spring yellows!


The Statement Maker:


Legra Gem Platform Sandal – Topshop ($60)

Spring doesn’t have to be all about bright colors. Pledge your soul to the monochromatic with these platform sandals. The polka-dot pattern adds a sweet and girly touch to the edgier silhouette, so they will go with any outfit. Imagine how adorable these would look with a cute little sundress?





Prints Charming (Modcloth edition)

My first real love of clothing came from my fascination with vintage dresses. When I was in Junior High a shop called Grey Dog (your new favorite shop) opened up in an Airstream Trailer in my hometown.  I immediately was hooked, and soon began rummaging through the closets of my relatives. Vintage clothing allowed to me wear something more unique than what you could fine at your local shopping mall and gave me the confidence to experiment with new styles and trends. However, when I can’t find exactly what I am looking for and I need something modern yet still super unique, I immediately turn to Modcloth!  I am obsessed with fun prints, and Modcloth does a great job of selecting flattering and easy to wear styles. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently on the website. Leave a comment below and let me know which ones you would love to wear!

Simple Animal Prints

When first trying out prints, I found it helpful to stick with small, repetitive patterns and a pretty neutral color palette. If you usually don’t wear prints, don’t think that you have to dive head first into the deep end in order to succeed. Start with a flattering silhouette, a pretty, yet simple, pattern and build from there. These four “Animal Print” dresses are the perfect example of my go-to style of dresses!

I Canter Be Tamed ($42)
Star Studded Performance Dress in Deer ($100)
Deal Me In Dress in Carousel ($90)
Heartwarming Habitat Dress ($90)

 Classic and Vintage Inspired

If you’re the kind of person who frequently shops at Modcloth, I imagine you appreciate their vintage style as much as I do! If thats the case, these four dresses are for you! Their classic and eloquent prints are perfectly complimented by their vintage silhouettes (I mean just check out those necklines). Although the prints are a little more complex than the previous four, the simple color palettes allow for easy everyday styling!

Cottage Bound Dress ($100)
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry by Miss Patina - Multi, Floral, Peter Pan Collar, Work, 60s, Mod, Shift, Short Sleeves, International Designer, Mid-length, Vintage Inspired
Antique Aesthetic Dress in Tapestry ($100)
Styled Horses Dress ($50)
In the Audience Dress ($62)

Landscape/Forest Prints

Landscape prints are currently my favorite trend! The winter season brought a huge amount of life into these bold and beautiful fabrics and they began to pop up all over Pinterest in an abundance of styles, including maxi-skirts, blouses and dresses. I have been patiently waiting for an event to justify myself spending the money on one of these gorgeous styles. If you have a winter holiday party coming up do me a favor and PLEASE wear one of these lovelies!

On Treetop of the World Dress ($80)
Sights to Season Dress ($95)
Saturday Night Thrive Dress ($78)
Never Never Landscape Dress - Blue, Multi, Novelty Print, Casual, Quirky, A-line, Short Sleeves, Woven, Mid-length, Work
Never Never Landscape Dress ($165)

Just for Fun!

I’m a photographer… of course I need this dress (so sad it is sold out in my size)!

Poise and Click Dress ($50)